Thursday, December 11, 2008

Squidoo and Lenses

I tried a new thing the other day! Squidoo! It's this cool little site that makes it easy for people to create "lenses" or pages/articles about pretty much whatever you want. I've made a lens for Shop Vorgus and one for Triangle Dude Comics. There is a wealth of information here on probably any topic imagineable. I've got an idea to do a Tips and Tricks Lens for Roller Coaster Tycoon (yeah, I got back into that game... addictive).

A little more about lenses: They're really easy to make. There's a quick set up pipeline to get one started, and then afterwards you can edit them as much as you want. By choosing from different little sections or blocks (say a picture block, and a text block, a list block, etc.) you can piece together your "lens." It's pretty fun and the neat thing is you can actually make a little bit of money. Don't go expecting to get rich or anything though, but with enough hard work you might make a few bucks here and there.

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