Monday, September 14, 2020

New Digital Sketchbook - Sketchbook Vorgus

It dawned on me that I haven't let all you wonderful people know about my new sketchbook blog.

It all began when I noticed that completely disappeared! This was a bit of a shock because it seemed to me to be a fairly active community, at least when I was posting there more often a couple of years ago, but I suppose things might have changed. What this meant though was that all of my sketches, doodles, and studies that I had uploaded over the years had been snapped out of existence. Thanks Thanos...

So, I had decided to start another blog just for that kind of content, Sketchbook Vorgus!

I realize it won't ever have as much traffic as it did over at, but maybe it will get some. By putting it on blogger my hope is that it'll be less likely to just vanish, though who knows with Google because they make a lot of things that sometimes just vanish. I'm hopeful though. My other hope is that by creating a blog for that kind of content I'll be keeping myself to a semi-regular posting schedule. I still do a lot of sketching and drawing and doodling so the content is there - now I just need to post it!

Here's a taste.

If you're interested in this kind of stuff, drawing, sketching, study, perspective, etc. then I hope you'll check out Sketchbook Vorgus some time. It's still early days so there's not a ton there at the moment, but with time I'm hoping I'll fill it right up!

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