Friday, July 28, 2017

Superbia's Tank is off the Back Burner!

I mentioned Superbia's Tank over a year ago here. I've had it on my mind ever since and the rules have been an ongoing work in progress. Tweaks and massive revisions aside I think I've gotten it to a point where I just need to do some testing.

Player's tanks are made up of 3 distinct pieces - allowing for a whole variety of tanks.
I've been working like a madman any chance I get to create line art for the game. At this point I've got everything drawn, but I haven't added any colour yet. This, hopefully, will come in time, but at this point it's high time I start testing the dang game! Here, take a gander at some of the artwork I've created for Superbia's Tank.

Player's order their tanks around the board, and a player's tank is made up of 3 distinct tank parts. The turret, the frame, and the treads. Tank part designs have been influenced from a variety of different objects. The telescopic cannon, the top right image, for instance is designed using aesthetics of a telescope.

Additionally, have a gander at how this artwork looks on the cards themselves. Again, colour hasn't been a priority because I want to start testing first.

I'm hoping it will be a fun, strategic game. Players will discretely play orders and then reveal them. You'll want to draw cards to find the legendary tank pieces, claiming 4 of which wins the game, but being shot at makes it harder to draw cards. There will be a small board for player's tanks to move around, and the closer to the center you are the more cards you can draw. I can't wait to print out a prototype and test it out!

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