Tuesday, April 7, 2015


In the words of a young Grade 3 student, "Yum yum yummity yum yum yum." Granted, he was talking about Tacos, (also delicious) but I think I could apply that phrase to Runts as well. These tiny, sweet, chalky, fruity candies are so good. I can't stop myself from eating a whole box - plus they contain the coveted banana flavour candy. Real bananas are like gross socks, but candy bananas are a little slice of heaven.

Banana, Orange, Peach, Grape, and Strawberry. Oh my glob.

Surprisingly few places regularly carry them - I've found that only certain dollar stores seem to be guaranteed to stock them. When I do find them I make sure to buy at least 3 or 4 boxes. Heck, maybe 6 boxes. Let's not joke around here. Only 10 boxes will do. Just look at this delicious little fruity bundle of joy.

If these were jumbo sized it would be like one of those ball pits at the mcdonald's jungle gyms. I'm lovin' it.

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