Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Totes Tutes

 Yo! So it's been a while. There have some new, very sparsely made, Triangle Dude Comics and there are more in the works/on the back burner. I'll get to them very soon. Yes. I promise. It's in writing now so I'll hold myself to it.

Any who, I finally started doing some human anatomy tutorials. I purchased The Structure of Man probably over 2 years ago and have only now just finally started doing the tutorials. About time! I have to say though, that I am thoroughly enjoying them and it's making drawing from my mind much easier. The human body is the main focus of the course. I'm still only on the upper body skeletal structure, but I feel like I've already learned, relearned, and revived so many new and dormant skills. To keep track, and to make sure I reinforce the information I learn again and again until it is second nature, I've started to keep a digital sketchbook of my work. And now, I'm gonna shares it with you!

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