Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Fan Expo!

Just thought I'd let people know about the Fan Expo in Vancouver this April! Of course, only people in or near Vancouver will probably be interested in reading about it unless you plan to travel far away from whatever chair your butt does rest upon to the Canadian west coast!

There's going to be celebrity guests like Hercules, Batman, and the Hulk, as well as other anime guests, comic guests, and video game guests! Lots of exhibitors will be there with plenty of cool stuff to see I'm sure. There's the artist alley which I am definitely going to stroll down. One day... I'd like to be in an alley of art. Oh yes. There's the batmobile exhibit, panels, q and a sessions, etc etc. lots of fun!

It all takes place down in Vancouver at the convention center I believe! Here it is! April 21-22 2012

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