Tuesday, June 28, 2011

MS Paint Adventures

Today, I have come to tell you about probably one of the most amazing "web comics" I have ever had the pleasure to read. MS Paint Adventures is amazing! I am currently reading "Homestuck" which is the current story in progress.

The comics are based on old school text based adventure games. The "Player," AKA the reader is typing in commands to progress the story and the characters. This is not to say you can actually control the characters or the story - it's just been set up to look that way. Instead of a typical "Next" button to continue to the next page the reader clicks a command which relates to what is currently happening. This was a totally original and creative thing to me and it works very well.

The comic pages usually comprise of an image and some text below it for the reader to read. There is more however, as many pages are also animated gifs and some are even full flash animations with sound. It's quite the experience to read through.

The humour is great and the story is even better. Homestuck's storyline involves numerous characters, time travel, video games, and all sorts of crazy happenings and shenanigans. I haven't finished Homestuck yet, (the comic is still a work in progress at the moment) I'm on about page 2000... and there's still a bit for me to get through before I'm all caught up.

Also, there's some excellent music made by all sorts of people to go along with Homestuck.

Homestuck Vol. 1
Homestuck Vol. 4
Homestuck Vol. 7

There's a lot more out there.

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