Saturday, March 19, 2011

Minecraft - Cascadia!

Cascadia is complete. This thing took forever. Well, it seemed like it. Over three weeks to be more accurate. Not full time of course, I still manage to kind of have a life... (who am I kidding lol).

I built this multiple disc city landscape for people to build houses on. It contains over 112,000 pieces of dirt and over 35,000 pieces of glass. It's all collected and manufactured too. It's on a friend of a friend's server.

Anywho, here's a picture.

There are more pictures here!


Jappening said...

For shame....

SHAME!!! all that time you spent making this digital collosus could have been spent painting your models, becoming a pokemon master, hanging out with me! the list is endless! so much time wasted. WASTED! WAAAASTEEED!!!! RAAA!!!

but then again, video games are rarely a true waste of time. as long as you remember to eat and use the lavatory, and remember your friends once in a while, it's all okay.

Vorgus said...

haha, I will make sure to remember. And even though you call shame on me... I am proud of my Cascadia lol (I do realize how much other stuff I could have done in that time... oh boy)