Monday, May 17, 2010


If you've checked the site at all then you already know about the hiatus. The High-what-is? Yes the Hiatus, some fancy word for: No more comics... at least for now. Too much stuff to do, and making Triangle Dude while feeling exhausted not only feels like lots of work, but is just hard to do! I can't think of funny stuff when all my brain feels like doing is flippin' over in my skull and pulling over a blankie!

Alas, there was one more comic I had drawn... which looked like junk but was still something... Unfortunately it was on my computer desktop when my hard drive kicked the bucket.

I'll probably be collecting a bunch of ideas while on hiatus, but it'll be a while before I put a virtual pen to a virtual pad again.

Thanks to everyone who's been with me so far! I shall hope we meet again in the internet futures.

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