Monday, March 1, 2010

Some Changes

First of all, the newest comic is called "Magic", because magic is always the answer. Where did my pants go? The magic did it. Why is the oven hot? Magic. Why do orange flashes periodically burst forth from my eye sockets? You get the idea.

Also, there's a little change over at Triangle Dude Comics. What? Change? Yes, do not be frightened. The Bulletin board in the Menu which I ceased using like half a year ago has been replaced... by this! Yes, Blog Vorgus will now take the place of that awful Bulletin board because all the news I ever need to say is right here! And this is in no way a clever scheme to direct more traffic this-a-way... though that side effect is most welcome.

The Links page also kind of really probably should get an overhaul as well, so I'll get on that soon I suppose... Look for that to change as well!

Now... I am starting to get sick or something which sucks big time, especially since school just got back in. So it may take me an extra day or two or something to get around to making comics (look! News already!) so just hold your horses. :P

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