Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I went to some concerts the past couple weeks. They were part of the free stuff going on because of the Olympics in Vancouver. Down at Holland Park in Surrey I got to see, Hot Hot Heat, Hey Ocean!, Said the Whale, Mother Mother, Hey Rosetta, You Say Party We Say Die, Tokyo Police Club, and Wintersleep. I even got to meet Tokyo Police Club so that was super neato!

So I wouldn't say I have tons of Concert experience, but as it slowly builds I believe I can be accurate enough to say something about them which I have described in this handy little graph!

Yes, the closer to the front the more you shall encounter people who completely knock others out of the way - you know, people who just don't really care about other people. BUT, that is all part of the Concert experience and I won't really complain about them anymore. Instead I will complain about the number of taller people who push through the crowd just enough to stop right in front of me... :P

Also, if anyone fancies that graph they might also enjoy checking out Indexed where you'll find a whole ton of stuff like that! :D

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