Monday, February 1, 2010

Hammer of War

Due to popular request, and a flurry of threats, I now have some Warhammer pictures to put up! Yes, it's been a while. Anyone not interested in my nerdy Saturday night adventures may peruse a different portion of this blog - my feelings will only be slightly hurt.

So we had a 2400 point battle with 7 people. A team of 3, Tau, Chaos, and Orc, vs a team of 4, Imperial Guard, Dark Eldar, Space Marine, and Tyranid.

It was a good battle, quite evenly matched I'd even say! I should note that a Chaos Deamon Prince is being represented by a Fantasy High Elf Dragon :P

So here's the battlefield at turn 1.

There's a good pile o' Lootas in there ruins, unfortunately 3 large blasts from a Griffin does a mess of trouble to anything like that... They actually didn't do a single thing the entire game except look slightly menacing, and absorb a rounds worth of impact.

Two of the 3 Griffins, and there's some "new" Tyranids. There's a TV Dude, I mean a Librarian in the ruins there.

There's some more pictures and what not over at my Warhammer Flickr Stream. CHECK IT OUT MAN!

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