Monday, February 16, 2009

We Made It

Well, we made it to 100 comics. Triangle Dude now has 100 comics. Now, this isn't a ton, but it's the first milestone.

It's kind of neat to see how he's progressed too. If you go to the very first comic in the archive and go all the way through you'll notice certain periods where the style suddenly makes a change. Sometimes it's subtle, sometimes it is not.

Anyways, thanks to everyone who keeps coming by and reading the comics! Without you guys I'd just have to laugh at them by myself. As appealing as that sounds it's so much better to share!

So here's the 100th comic, "We Made It."


djahren said...

They are fantastic and are you. You kinda amaze me...and by kinda I mean extremely.

Vorgus said...

:D Thanks Ahren, I really appreciate that!