Sunday, February 15, 2009

Discoveries in Music

Random Youtube linking can yield some interesting finds - it also tends to be one of my ways of discovering new music through the amazingness of music videos.

While watching "The Blood Brothers" music video for "Set Fire to the Face on Fire" (the buildings on fire make me smile every time) I ended up following links to some bands I had never heard of before, and to my delight I thoroughly enjoyed each of them!

First there's "Peter Bjorn and John" which got me into a great mood with their music video for "Young Folks" which reminds me of some comic book or illustration. Also, check out "Amsterdam," (the video is actually from Planet Earth: Jungles - very vool) and "Lay it Down," they're excellent.

Then I ended up linking to a band called "Los Campesinos!" and I'm hooked. The music is great and the music videos for "We Throw Parties, You Throw Knives," and "You! Me! Dancing!" are awesome. The little colorful warring people make war seem almost child like, but it's still fairly serious stuff.

Last but not least, is "Vampire Weekend." I was instantly pulled in by their video for "A-Punk" which is like a sped up version but in real time... I don't know how to explain it lol. Another great music video is "Oxford Comma."

Anyways, now I got some new great tunes to chill to. W00T! They're definitely worth a look!

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djahren said...

YAYz! I will look into these for sure! :D