Friday, January 23, 2009


Oh yes... Starcraft. Broodwar to be more exact. BOOYEAH!

Okay, so yeah... it's an old game - but still a great game. I recently started to get back into it again and me and some friends have been getting together and playing it via LAN (also playing Age of Empires 2 - good stuff). Anyways, I opened up the ole' map editor and went to work.

Ant Hill - That is the name of my map... why? Well it kind of looks like a bunch of paths and trails cut out of dirt in the minimap. So it kind of looks like an ant hill, but not really. I'm sure you could say that about a lot of the maps, but oh well lol.

Before I even got into the editor though I quickly made up a little plan for myself in Photoshop. You can see it below. And the whole idea for this map was as time goes on it gets harder and harder to defend your resources. To do this each base can get to a number of possible base locations. Each location can be gotten to by a different number of people and have a different number of entrances/exits. You start in a place with two exits. Each person can get to a possible base location accessable only to them, one that's accessable to two people, and one that's accessable to three people. So basically... as time goes on and you venture out for more minerals you become more susceptable to attacks. But enough talk... here's some pictures.

This is the basic initial idea. There's 4 main bases, and the circles are possible other base locations with resources. You can see how certain bases are accessable to more players.

Here's a more detailed layout of the land I made.

You can see the map in the bottom left in the mini map. Kind of looks like an Ant Hill.. maybe.. yes... no... lol. I was slaughtered in 10 minutes when I took this screenshot by the way... I'm a tad rusty lol.

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