Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Taking Cover

Triangle Dude is taking some cover over in his new comic. Not the best of cover might I add, but cover none the less. Check it out at Triangle Dude Comics.

Also, I'm going to add that there is currently, at this moment in time, outside my window, in the freezing air... SNOW! Yes! What does that have to do with Triangle Dude? Well absolutely nothing at the moment, but perhaps in the coming days I'll come up with some snow related comics to express my love for the white powdery awesome stuff!

Also, I must build something amazing out of it. I better remember to take pictures *etches reminder into palm of hand with knife* now I'll never forget... but if I forget to look at my hand... *etches reminder into eyes* there! And no I did not just do that. And no I am not crazy. That is all.

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