Monday, December 8, 2008

Pyro Part 1

I love fire. Fire is hot. Hot is good. Good is great. Great is what Tony the Tiger says a lot.

I think a perfect day would at some point involve me torching something to the ground with a flamethrower. I mean, something I was allowed to torch of course. I would highly discourage anyone from setting anything that's important to you or someone else on fire. I find they don't like it.

Anyways, today's new Triangle Dude Comic features a Pyro. It's a three part-er spanning over this week. Check it out over at Triangle Dude Comics.

Also, I just realized that the dragon from the video games named Spyro... has the word Pyro within his name (s-PYRO). Now, to me, this is an amazing realization. Though... somehow I feel this was done on purpose and because I'm only noticing it now I must be some kind of idiot. Oh well... I still thought my discovery was fairly exciting!

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