Friday, November 28, 2008


The new Triangle Dude Comic is up! Let's put our hands together for the great and classic Frankenstein! Okay, that's enough clapping. Guys, I said that's enough clapping... GUYS! No Frankenstein! NO! Oh my gosh he just killed Ted! ...Ted... TED! WHY! You monster Frankenstein!

Hah, good ole Frankenstein. Well actually to be more accurate it is Frankenstein's monster. The crazy dude who created life was named Frankenstein and the monster is actually never given a name in the book. It's just become such that today most people refer to a sort of ugly, scary monster as "Frankenstein" when in fact that isn't accurate at all. Crazy huh? You can of course find more information on the great and all powerful Wikipedia.

Catch a ride on the neck bolts over at Triangle Dude Comics.

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