Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Xenoblade Chronicles

Ever since I read the little blurb about this game in my Nintendo Power magazine months ago I've been excited. My last issue had more of a preview and after looking at videos on youtube... I'M STOKED. I GOTTA TELL YOU GUYS ABOUT IT. Basically, it's the best rpg you'll play on the wii, and some have said the it's the best rpg of this generation over all consoles. I love rpg's, but the wii lacks 'em. I've had to settle with rpg's on my DS in past years and looked to the wii for other types of games. Technically yes, Zelda is an rpg, but that's an exception (and I'm still getting through skyward sword).

Xenoblade Chronicles by Monolith Soft is being localized for North America - I guess technically we're getting a European version but that makes it more awesome because of all the excellent British voice acting. The game takes place on the bodies of two huge giant god things. Ya, we're not on a sphere or a planet or Earth or any of that nonsense. You are standing on a dead god thing! It's actually really wicked to see a huge hand in the background of the world and know you could go stand on it.

The story apparently starts off really default, orphaned boy, destined hero, etc., but I've read it has lots of twists and the story is amazing. Graphics look great, remember it is the wii though so I'm talking "wii great." Environment is amazing, battle system looks fun, and it just looks like a blast. I'll totally be getting a copy when it hits the store shelves this April.

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