Monday, April 11, 2011

Minecraft Server!

Okay, yes, another Minecraft post. I promise this will be the last for a while! Finally got an isometrically rendered version of the server I play on - it's a friend of a friend's server. Those who are interested the server is:

When you first login you'll only be a guest and will only be able to look around. Make an account on the forum if you want actually build stuff etc. This is to deter griefers mostly.

The map is pretty huge, but the whole thing hasn't even been explored yet, we're still a long way off. There's about 6-8 more regular players at the moment, about 12-15 in all.

For a larger view where you can actually zoom in a bit check link out: Zeenixcraft Map

You can see Cascadia in the map! It's dwarfs every other thing on the server and is visible from space! (space being zoomed way way out)

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