Tuesday, January 12, 2010

So Slide a Little Longer on my Feet

Zip zap zoom,
I'm riding a broom,
Eat it!
Carve a little hole in my arm,
Look through it now,
What do I see?
Doesn't matter, I'm blind,
It's not even my arm,
It's some homeless guys
Dodge! Duck! Roll! Escape!
Flip the house,
Come on and be literal for a change!
Strangely do a jig,
Everyone's invisible,
So slide a little longer on my feet,
It's getting hot so hot too hot but hot enough,
to light the fire in my heart,
and take a pill for the burn,
It spills out my throat,
and I GAG! GAG! GAG!
Pat. Pat. Pat.
"Are you okay?"
I can't rightly know.

Hold the lightbulb and flick that switch,
On and off and off and on,
Grab that idea and tease it,
Please it all night long,
And sleep on it to just wait and see,
If it's still there beside me in the morning.
Yellow yellow polka dotted cream.

That was kind of random wasn't it?

1 comment:

Jappening said...

Business! Serious business! dude. I like this one. it's fricken rad.