Monday, December 7, 2009


Anyone ever play Roller Coaster Tycoon? Of course you did - and I recently had an urge to play it. Now I have story for you which involves the before mentioned game. Aqua Park, yes Aqua Park... oh Aqua Park and your dang Water Slide that comes with the park when you start. Eventually this ride has a tendency to fail utterly resulting in a repeating incident where 2 people will die.

Whatever, my park was all like, super duper, and people dieing didn't matter much anymore - so I renamed the water slide "This ride did not kill 2 people" and lowered the price to 50 cents. No one was the wiser as they all began to think "Water Slide 1 is really good value" instead of the whole it's not safe thing. Well everytime people die now I get this message in the picture above :D


Jappening said...

grammar mistake: 'i have story for you'

you need to include the letter 'a' between 'have' and 'story'


Vorgus said...

lol oh man

Ha... Ha! I king of grammar and I have smite for you from above up high.