Tuesday, August 11, 2009

FF8, Little King's Story, and Swords & Soldiers

Vidja games. Sweet sweet Vidja games. I've actually had some time lately to play some o' those sweet sweet video games. Usually, I opt to do more productive draining exhausting things instead - but those video games are a callin' :P

I FINALLY BEAT FF8. Okay, what's the big deal you ask? Well... I bought this game maybe... 7 or 8 years ago for the PC. I was young and what have you - and anyone who knows this game knows that the junctioning system is not something you can easily teach to a kid. Well I didn't quite get it the first few times... Anyway, finally, after starting about 6 different games I managed to finally beat it and can put this one away without ever wondering what the end would have been like ever again!

Swords & Soldiers. A new game for the Wii available through the WiiWare store section. It's a 2D Sidescroller RTS - sweet. It's really easy to pick up and play and get into, highly addictive, and has a great sense of humor. There's three races to choose from and each has their own single player campaign. The game doesn't take an extensive time to beat or anything, but has other challenges and achievements to keep you busy. For $10 it's totally a must buy for the Wii.

Little King's Story. I just got this for my birthday (thanks Mom!). Yes, yes, yes it's "cutesy," that doesn't matter in the least because it's an awesome game. I haven't spent a ton of time with it yet (but will soon!), but it's already a lot of fun. For some reason this picture has a 7+ rating on it... I don't know where in the world that is because mine has the ESRB rating for T or "teen" on it. Oh well!

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