Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Alien Attack

So I've started watching Neon Genesis Evangelion... and... well, I've got aliens and giant things and violence on the brain lol. So I've drawn up a giant tentacled alien beast of sorts with armor and what not - and of course it's attacking.

Anyways, I'm going to point out the obvious fact that Triangle Dude's gun is too small. It's slightly upsetting when a tiny gun kills a giant beast. Yes, in the right situation - IT'S HILARIOUS! But, alas, those kinds of movies are not always comedies... though Triangle Dude is a comic of comedic content... so in a way I guess I should have made the gun kill him. Whatever lol. Triangle Dude's toast when there's an "Alien Attack."

That is unless I draw him some sort of mega huge gun powered by the very molten core of the Earth... hmmm... :D

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