Thursday, August 27, 2009

Unnatural Vengeance

So... over a month later... IT IS FINALLY DONE! "Unnatural Vengeance" is done and done and over with and I'm not touching it anymore because it is done. The picture had been on hold for most of that last month while I worked on the Fairfire Group picture, but as soon as that was done I jumped back onto this beast.

It's about 18" wide by 12" high, Made with pencil, ink, and pencil crayons (my nice new soft Prismacolor super duper blendorama pencil crayons). There's a good 20 hours of work in it, maybe more, I didn't really keep track of it - but it took a good chunk of time.

Sooo... here it is! Have a gander at Mother Nature's revenge :)
Click on it for a larger version PLEASE, there's so much detail you just can't see in this thumbnail.

I want to make some prints up and maybe sell some on Etsy or to whoever... if I ever get around to it of course. Otherwise it'll just look pretty in my room.

Also, some boredom and picture-looking-at spawned this strange picture... which is... well think of it what you will. I just laugh at it. :D

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