Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dominance War

So what's next in the art world? Well I have some new watercolors that I've been dieing to try out and mess around with for who knows what reason. There's also Dominance War to look forward to. That link will take you to last years champions... the oh so very impressive champions.

Dominance War is a giant game art contest competition where you basically have to create a 3D character. It gets bigger and bigger every year. This year, a friend and I will be adding to the constantly growing mass of entrants.

Anywho, people in the top 25 or so are practically instantly recognized by some huge companies. That's good news! Now we just have to get there. We can't start modeling until some time in March, but concept time is open open open!

I don't know if I'll put any up, maybe reject stuff lol, I really can't be revealing it before the big day, but I'll let you know... "I'm a up ta somtin."

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