Tuesday, July 14, 2009

"Earthly Revenge," and "Snakes Got a Leg"

Wooo! So I've been making a new big piece (big for me that is) of artwork. I've got the drawing portion of it done and I'm onto the inking phase now. This one will have color when it's finally done and in my mind it looks awesome. And... so far it's looking just as amazing on the paper. Below is the drawing portion of it. Like I said, the overall thing is still a work in process, but take a gander!

So basically, it's set in a sort of junk yard. Mother Nature has decided to use her plants and vines and what not and form all our garbage into her own vengeful creature. It's rising out of the twisted piles of junk and vines and is about to take revenge on the man adding the the trash pile. There's a few other creatures coming out of the ground too, ones got a horse skull, a dog skull, and two of 'em are human.

And now, I'll leave you with this quick little abomination I quickly threw together for fun. Inspired by the song "Snakes Got A Leg" by Sunset Rubdown. It would be funny, scary, alarming, and mildly hilarious to see a creature like this flopping along the ground after you.

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