Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tree of Life

I've been working on this piece of artwork for a couple of weeks now on my days off and it's finally done! It's called the "Tree of Life." And... pretty much it's my twisted take on the idea of a tree of life.

Roots of the trees become umbilical cords of babies and fetus' in the ground. On the top of the rocky pillar is the tree of life itself and a woman. The woman has dug one of the babies out of the ground and is holding it in one arm while pulling the cord/root that is still trailing underground.

What does the piece mean? Well... it's art so it can basically be interpreted to mean whatever you want it to. It could be about life, death, the whole process, or our lack of understanding such things. Or, perhaps, it's just a cool picture. Take it however you will.

It took about 8 hours to make and the original is made on an 11"X17" paper using ink and pencil.
Here it is! :D

I'm selling it as a print on Zazzle. Here's the link: "Tree of Life".

I'm also going to sell the original. I just picked up a nice frame to put it in too! How nice! Anyways, I'm not exactly sure how or where I'm going to sell it or how much I'll sell it for yet. But, if anyone who comes across this is interested in buying the original let me know!

If I do happen to put it up online for sale somewhere other than here I'll put a link here:

And, I'll update the status of the original here: *IT'S AVAILABLE*

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