Monday, February 23, 2009

Sound Effects

Zoom, Zip, Zap-a-dap - shreeeeeeem shra shroom a gry gry gry... KABLOOIE! SHREARRrrrrrr.... Grk...

Haha, making noises is fun! Anyways, Triangle Dude thinks it's pretty fun too - as
you will be able to see from the new comic up today called "Sound Effects".

Also, this comic (slightly altered and made improved!) is also available on some products over at Shop Vorgus. Check out the designs for "Sound Effects" at Shop Vorgus. Amazingly, to my surprise, the mug with this design on it actually won a "Today's Best" award. This makes David happy :D

Here's a look at the design... which is essentially the same as the link to the comic at the top...

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