Monday, January 19, 2009

Some New Drawings/Designs

I've been up to drawing and it's great!

There's some crazy ideas and what have you going on in this head. Here's a few drawings that might be making an appearance in my shop at some point. Otherwise, they'll just look all cool like here.

This first one is G.R.E.A.T.
Which means... Giant Robot Eats A Train. Yes, and I shall be a member of this prestigious acronym!

Tentacle Tongue... I'm still not sure if it's this creature's tongue that is a tentacle... or if he's just eating a tentacle and it happens to look like it could be his tongue. Whatever it is, it's probably all slimy and gross.

Arrows From My Mouth! BLARGH! I SHOOT ARROWS OUT MY MOUTH! Seems dangerous and hilariously fun. You'd have a good excuse not to look people in the eye when talking to them.

And last but not least is a picture of me fooling around with a couple pictures of me in Photoshop. It took a couple shots to get my upside down head picture right, but it turned pretty good. I did it up pretty fast, but I thought it was pretty sweet so I'd lets yous guys sees its.

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