Monday, December 22, 2008

Cool Glasses

This week the snow really came down. In my excitement I gathered a crack team of friends to start construction on the highly anticipated giant snow something. Unfortunately... I was a little too hasty and the snow that had just fallen was in no shape for packing together. So instead... a battle of snowballs broke out ending our attempted construction.

At one point I crawled onto the ground and tried to crawl my way under the snow. Perhaps I was trying to conceal myself for a sneak attack. The snow, however, was not quite high enough and instead my friends eagerly helped bury me in it. I was belly down and with a good amount of snow weighing down on me I found it a little hard to breath. We got some pictures though and I triumphantly emerged from my icy tomb.

Anyways! The new Triangle Dude comics is up over at Triangle Dude Comics. The idea for this comic came from a conversation that took place that day. My friends were discussing whether or not Eskimos wear sunglasses. Of course, then one had to think... what would they make the sunglasses out of? My prompt and slightly absurd answer... "ICE!"

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