Monday, October 20, 2008

It Hath Arrived

My first post of many to come. Blog Vorgus has arrived, but more importantly is what arrived in the mail today - my order from Polyvinyl Records. My excitement immediately reduced me to a girly, childish fanboy of sorts.

Carefully, I opened the package and was to behold the most amazing thing I've ever had the pleasure to receive in the mail. I tend not to spend a lot of money on myself that often, but this time I'll admit I kind of went a little crazy (in my opinion).

I carefully drooled over each item:
  1. Skeletal Lamping CD by of Montreal
  2. Skeletal Lamping Vinyl by of Montreal
  3. Icons, Abstract Thee CD by of Montreal
  4. Aldhils Arboretum CD by of Montreal
  5. Lysergic Bliss T-Shirt from of Montreal
  6. Places Like This CD by Architecture in Helsinki
  7. As well as some other samplers which I quite enjoyed :D
Anyways... I'll just tell you that I was amazingly happy today. The artwork for of Montreal is gorgeous. Check out the whole collection at Pitchfork.

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